About Value Engrafting

VALUE Engrafting was originally formed in 1988 by Vaughan Carlson as a Sole Proprietor as VALUE Engineering, with VALUE being an acronym of acronyms:.

V   The initials of Vaughan Carlson
A   ATE - Automatic Test Equipment.
L   LRU - Line Replacable Unit (another term for a "black box").
U   UUT - Unit Under Test.
E   EET - Engineering, Evaluation, and Test (also known as "debug!").

The name was changed to VALUE Engrafting in 2006 when my employee, a licensed Professional Engineer, left my firm.

The term "Engrafting" comes from James 1:21 of the Bible where Christians are instructed to grow by the engrafted Word. The term means, "To transplant a limb from one tree or bush to the trunk another." This technique is used especially for fruit trees where limbs from a dying tree can be inserted into a notch trunk of a healthy tree. Here’s a photograph of a cherry tree that had limbs from a white blossom cherry tree onto a red blossom cherry tree.

Value Engrafting tree image