Standard Test Fixtures

Strategic Partnerships with several Fixture Vendors.

Universal Test Fixtures

In partnership with TestMax, Pompano Beach, FL.

  • Proprietor is Mike Ames, in business since 1986.
  • See their web site at
  • Can build standard customized ICT and FCT fixtures to meet any need for any tester.

GameChanger Universal Fixture.

  • Cost-saving technique that can cut your fixture costs in half.
  • Built based on two parts:
  • A Docking Station (that typically stays on the tester) that consists of the kit, the pneumatic mechanisms, the hold-down   mechanism, PODs for device programming, vectorless mux card, etc.
  • Cassette Fixture customized for each board, but consists of just wires, probes, vectorless modules, etc.
  • Applicable for ICT and FCT. One fixture can be built for both ICT and FCT!!
VALUE Engrafting fct image